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All About Mascara


What will happen if after applying the eyeshadow and eyeliner you’ve forgotten to add that finishing touch? Part of your eyemakeup is the mascara. It’s one of the magic formula to making the eyes beautiful because it thickens the lashes, darkens and adds length to them which makes your eyes so alluring. After applying the eyeliner, separate the lashes using a thin comb then apply at least two thin even coats of mascara.

If you have short lashes, there are length enhancing mascaras. If you have long lashes already, use a curling mascara instead. If you have thin lashes, it will be enhanced with mascaras because of the polymers and wax that serve as thickening ingredients in its formulation. A blond lashes will be enhanced with the use of the volume gaining and the lengthening mascara. A mascara wand which is made up of short bristles is the tool employed in applying this makeup.

There are a variety of mascaras that you can choose from; the water based, waterproof and the mixed variety. People prefer using the mixed variety because it’s more versatile. Although water soluble mascaras are easy to apply and easy to remove, it will run and smudge if you come in contact with water. Usually mascaras that you buy from the drugstores are cheaper and even better. In India, Indian women prefer kohl and fruit vegetable packs over chemical mascara because they bring no allergic reaction. An Indian national , Shahnaz Husain has produced liquid eyemakeup packs containing gooseberry, almond oil, neem and trifala which aids in eyelashes growth.

The good thing with using the waterproof mascara is it does not smudge because it does not react with water, however it may be very hard to remove. In removing the eyemakeup don’t pull or wipe around the eye area so much because it tends to cause the skin to sag. Don’t assume that because its waterproof, it won’t smear. So do exercise caution when you have a mascara. Brown and black are the favorite colors , but you may choose from brown gray, gray to blue and other colors. An hypoallergernic mascara is made available for those who have allergies. The best indication if the mascara is suited for you is to test it first. Change it immediately if you feel itchy or develop rashes. To properly apply it, lift your chin a little for you to see your lashes well on the mirror. Dip the spiral brush in the bottle, swirl it , remove the excess fluid and apply first on the upper lashes, starting at the base towards the tip. Make that lashes curl in the upward direction. Do the same thing with lower lashes , moving the brush slightly so that the lashes don’t stick. Repeat to add volume . If you over applied it, don’t worry. Wait for it to dry and scoop it out with a sponge. Always curl the lashes before applying mascara and not after application.

Before going to bed, make sure to remove your makeup including the mascara with the use of tissue or cotton wads. Then wash the eyes with water. Don’t hesitate to get rid of old mascara.


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