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BB creams have become a very popular product ever since they were introduced in India . The concept of ” Make-up and skin care in one ” has become an instant rage ever since . Almost every drugstore brand that you can avail have come up with their own versions of the BB cream like Garnier , Ponds and Maybelline . The latest addition to the list is of Fair and lovely (The Market Leader of Fairness Creams in India ) . So Today I am sharing my views on the BB cream from fair and lovely and how it fared for me….

Price and Quantity : Rs. 79 for 18 gms and Rs.49 for 9 gms

Packaging : The BB cream comes in a light weight plastic tube . It has a glossy finish with white and rose gold color (in the form of gradient) . The Outer box and the tube both have same color combination . The tube is rather flat and the nozzle is quite long. The screw off cap shuts well and overall the packaging is good enough for carrying the cream in your bag. The packaging looks really nice , sleek , quite attractive and is functional overall .

My Views on the Fair and Lovely BB Cream :

I prefer BB creams for daily use more so when I need a hint of makeup . On other days even a Tinted sunscreen is enough for me. I particularly got this BB cream after reading reviews that the cream is suitable for oily skin . Also because I was bored of my previous BB cream .

The Fair and Lovely BB cream is available in just one shade that will suit the fairest of girls . The shade selection is hence a big drawback . Now coming to the texture of the cream- it is like the usual fair and lovely cream . Basically the texture is creamy , slightly thick and not runny . The smell is quite strong and I did not find it very pleasing – is even smells like the fair and lovely cream.

On application the BB cream gives a matte finish and it is oil free . But if you massage it to blend well, you can see tiny globules start forming ( like the dust that forms when you rub an eraser) . I don’t think any decent cream is supposed to do that and I did not rub it in vigorously . This happens every time I apply it . The cream lasts at most one and a half hour after which you cannot find any trace that you had applied anything- my face looks oilier and there is no hint of the bb cream left . I am moderately fair but if I overdo this cream even a bit, it makes me look like ghost or rather a zombie . In a way you do get a fairer tone but who wants to look paper white ?

” Overall, I think fair and lovely did campaign well for this BB cream but it failed to live up to the expectations . It is nothing extraordinary and is just another tinted cream . But for the price, you cannot expect much either . I am not going to buy this again and do not recommend it . “


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