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Should I wear makup to work?


There are a big range of different reasons as to why women pick to and pick not to wear makeup into work. Deciding on whether it is a must is dependent on your personal needs and the way you view in a professional manner.

The advantages of wearing a makeup to work:

A few of the most notable benefits to wearing makeup to work contain:

Looking presentable

There may be a few ladies in the planet who look like supermodels when they wake up in the morning. Anyway, every person is charming in their own way. When it comes to getting ready for work you have to consider how other people view you and relate you to the business you are working for. As an example, looking presentable as an administrative assistant or doctor is more vital than looking presentable as a mechanic or pipefitter.

The makeup you apply to your face every morning jobs similarly to the outfits you pick to wear. It accentuates all of your top specs meanwhile hiding any flaws that may give off the wrong impression.

Getting your dream work

This is dependent on the type of work you want to have for the rest of your life, but you are definitely going to find that the majority of customers-facing positions will need you look your best at all times. No issue if you are retail sales associate or the CEO of a big company.

Take a few moments to put yourself in the shoes of an interviewer. Would you be more likely to provide a position to someone who clearly takes the time to correct his or her look or someone who seemingly rolled out of bed, showered, and present to the interview?

Makeup includes this feel of class and sophistication as it helps to elevate your look and show that you are well put combine.

Having some fun

No issue how you look at it. Makeup playing is the time when you get to bring out your creativity for the excellent good. Your face is essentially a canvas and you will have the capability to modify facial specs with the help of few items. It can be amazingly rewarding to master certain expertise such as lining your lips rightly or getting the ideal cut-crease eye shadow look for a business meeting.

With the 100s of different products out on the market for you to try, you will never get fed up of the looks you can make with the help of makeup.

How to contour


You do not need a unique contour kit to get this: you can use 2 shades of foundation or concealer, or highlighter, bronzer, or even eyeshadow or brow powder to contour. Just ensure whatever make up products you are using are the same texture (layering powder with cream and liquid products can end up looking cakey) and that you have the best makeup brushes on hand.

How to contour

Contouring should improve your natural face shape and will be different for every person, depending on your bone structure and shape of your face.

Prep the face

As forever, begin with skincare: Wash your face and apply moisturizer to keep makeup from clumping up around any harsh or dry lines. Primer is optional, but with an extra involved makeup look, you might want to go for it. Primer works as a buffer between your skincare and your makeup items, permitting both to work excellent and last longer. Even out skin with a pretty foundation and/or concealer in shades that match your natural skin tone and undertone, covering any discoloration or blemishes.


The simplest and most familiar way to contour is to take your darker shade and use it to make a product shadow below your cheekbones. Find your cheekbones by sucking in your cheeks and tracing the item along the hallows of your cheeks, following the natural shape of your temple and jawline. Depending on your face shape and special facial specs, you can place your shadow in 1 of 3 places, along the sides of your nose, in a three shape that follows your hairline, under jawline, and cheekbone, or in a upside-down triangle shape.


Apply your highlighter or lighter shade to areas of your face that reflect light naturally: your forehead, the tip of your nose, the bridge of nose, the top of your cheekbones, your cupids bow, and in the region of the brow and eyes. Use concealer that is pretty lighter than your skin tone, or a shimmery highlighter, eyeshadow or iluminator.


Apply blush to the applies of your cheeks is not important for a contouring look, it can support you make up look more natural, acting as a bridge between your highlight and shadow areas.


Using a fluffy, big brush, or make sponge, blend your shadow and highlight into your skin or foundation layer until the lines you created look more natural.


For a perfect finish, apply setting spray or powder.

Is makeup essential


Wearing makeup has been an essential part of life from the very old times to the current times. But it is a fact that the styles and the trends have been replaced fully and more and more trends and variations are being added up almost every day.

Talking about the current time, we observe that wearing makeup has become an essential part of almost every women of society, whether they are aged women or young girls, most of them cannot think of any event or gathering without makeup. And when a group of ladies is asked why they wear makeup, we will get different responses.

Makeup has been a part of daily life and is used to present yourself to the society in a more confident and manner capable way. So, it has become an essential element to daily routine.

Here are some points that would be capable to justify that why make up is vital.

Get natural look

One would think that how wearing a makeup can offer you a natural look? It is not necessary that you cannot get a natural look if you wear makeup. Although you want to get natural look you still need little bit of touch to get the fresh and natural look. Makeup can support you cover your dark spots, blemishes or even dark circles and help to get a natural look.

Protect your skin from sunlight

It is a fact that wearing makeup can save your skin from the bad UV radiations from the sun. and to save the skin from bad UV radiations, you need SPF formula. So for that you can use BB foundation or cream that comes with SPF formula to save the skin from bad radiators and also brightens your skins tone.

Improve self-confidence

Makeup covers all the flaws of your skin and helps to improve your self-esteem. All the dark spots, dark circles and blemishes on the face can be covered by wearing makeup and provides you face a more best shape. So, women who tend to complex about their spots or acne on the skin, feel extremely relax and confident by wearing makeup.

Supporting your career

According to the study of sociologists, ladies who tend to wear makeup impressed a chance twenty percent more than the women who did not. And according to the new study, women who love dress up and make up rightly can tend to get a higher salary. And we are all familiar with the cultures of different organizations that they favor the women more who are dress rightly and have makeup applied.

Max Factor Makeup


Max Factor Makeup – Useful Tips for You

Max factor makeup is such a good cosmetic manufacturer. There some tips that you can use while applying makeup on your face. So, you can have stunning result right after you complete the makeup activity.

First, you can use any blemishes with tea tree oil that may keep your pores and skin within great condition. Make use of an ice cube or even a splash of cold water in order to tighten up as well as freshen up the skin. Your own makeup will go on more smoothly. Begin with basics of basis and natural powder. Ensure that you tapping the make-up clean a few times before applying the particular powder.

This will get rid of any kind of excess and stop you from using an excessive amount of. Next comes dried out. Sometimes it is tricky to determine where you can apply dry and how a lot. Simply look at your face carrying out a jog or through being released from the chilly. Apply dry exactly where your skin naturally eliminates.

For your lips, if you want to have full, luscious lips are easy to accomplish with an excellent lip stick or gloss. Sadly, it’s easy to get lip stick in your teeth simply by smiling. So, you need to pursing your own lips around your personal finger after you utilize the actual lipstick after which pulling it. Any kind of excess lipstick ends up on your finger, stopping an awkward scenario. When your lips are dry or flaky, your own lip stick won’t go on smoothly. You need to remove dead skin cells through exfoliating lips having a toothbrush through the night as well as applying a hydrating best balm.

For the eyes, mascara could make eye look daring and spectacular. Placing the mascara stick on the base of your best eyelashes and then shake it as a person draw the wand up with the actual lashes. Wiggling it can deliver more of the mascara in the base, producing your own lashes look bigger. Also, keep in mind the dimensions as well as shape of your vision when using eye max factor makeup.

Others samples of cosmetic you can use are:

1.       Shany © 100pc Pro Make Up Set – Premium Collection

It is all-in-one makeup set that provides all you need, such as eye shadows, face powder, nail polishes and even lipstick. This is very useful makeup kit that you must have to change you become beautiful, fabulous princess. Everything you need is in this kit.

2.       RevitaLash Hair Conditioner 1.57 fl oz (46 ml)

Using this conditioner, thinning hair will not be your main problem anymore. This product really works for any types of hair. Just apply it on your hair right after you shampooing, you will have silk, shiny and beautiful hair.

3.       Shellac Top Coat .25 fl oz.

It is a single layer of UV coat that consists of durable and mirror-like finish. Once you apply it on your nails, you will have stunning nails than before. If you want to have beautiful nails, but don’t want to spend much money for nails salon, it is a must-have coat for you.

Bare Essentials Makeup


Bare Essentials Makeup – Makes You Dazzling

Bare essentials makeup is fabulous makeup that made of the finest mineral material which has to offer. Each nutritional is ground right into a feather soft micro natural powder, that, whenever dusted on your face, provides a healthful looking foundation that really hides uneven pores and skin tones as well as defects. The cosmetics line offers kinds of eye shadows, lipstick and much more.

The mineral makeup product is free of any preservatives, perfumes along with other synthetic ingredients that are recognized to irritate delicate pores and skin and cause flaws. Because of the high cleanse degree, so you can actually rest within the make-up on your face and not worry about waking up to clogged pores. This is a significant difference from additional industrial makeup manufacturers that require daily elimination to protect your skin integrity.

In fact, the maker statements that many customers notice a genuine enhancement in their skin regularity and condition with some days of steady make use of. Skin disorders such as rosacea as well as acne may actually display a reduction in symptoms; in addition to since the minerals offer an all natural sunscreen in order to filter out dangerous Ultra violet rays, The Skin Cancer Foundation has even provided the merchandise its recognized recommendation.

Bare essentials makeup Company also provides a companion line of top quality makeup brushes, made to deliver the mineral deposits evenly more than the skin, reaching into all the contours for exceptional protection. The main clean used for using the basis is the full coverage Kabuki Brush that full bodied brush, which allows you to definitely put on your basis perfectly in only several sends. It blends the minerals to the skin so you do not look like you are putting on makeup at all. Meanwhile, for spots requiring additional protection such as darkish eye groups as well as blemishes, you may use the Concealer Brush to use a little weightier layer associated with mineral deposits.

Some of the makeups that you can use are:

1.       NYX Eyeshadow Base Eye Shadow Primer

This eye shadow provides brilliant color for your eye. You can use it after apply the eye shadow base on eyelids, then right after you add this eye shadow, you will see the sparkling and vibrant color on your eyes. Just get this cosmetic to change you into more beautiful woman.

2.       RevitaLash Eyelash Conditioner

Apply this eyelash to grow your eyelashes naturally. It is simple and easy to use. The compact size allows you to bring it everywhere you go and ease your travelling moment. Just apply it on your eyelashes and gets the perfect makeup for your days.

3.       13 Piece Makeup Brush Set and Case

The makeup set is the basic stuff you need to become prettier. These made of natural bristles and synthetic brushes that are come in a portable set. This is what must have items to complete your makeup tools.

Cover Girl Makeup


Cover Girl makeup is an affordable line of cosmetic that can be used by all women who want to be more beautiful. Besides it is cheap, applying the makeup is effortless and you only need couple minutes to apply it on your face. One you do this particular correctly, the results could be stunning.

First step, choose a tone of liquid makeup that match to your skin shade to attain an all natural, flawless appearance. Then, apply the foundation, just simply dab the liquid on face and mix it equally with your fingers or a make-up cloth or perhaps sponge. Pay attention to the areas around your own hairline as well as neck to prevent a mask-like look.

After that, utilize a thin layer of concealer to mask any kind of imperfections or flaws. Choose a lighter concealer than your own natural skin tone as well as employ it moderately to cover dark spots under your eyes as well as acne breakouts. Apply eye lining as closely as you possibly can towards the lash-line. Hold the eye liner firmly inside your hands and apply mild pressure as you slip the actual pencil over the delicate pores and skin below your eyes.

Apply a mixture of eye shadows that enhance your eye color. For the best results, utilize 3 complimentary light shades, medium, and darkish shades. Dust the actual lightest tone within the entire eyelid, blending for the eyebrows. Next, make use of the medium shade on the bottom half of the coverage. Finally, apply the actual darkest color to the crimp of the eyelid and utilize the pad of the catalog finger combine the colors collectively.

Then, use mascara in order to lengthen as well as plump your own lashes. Use steady fingers when applying the actual mascara to prevent transferring the actual liquid for your eyelids as well as ruining your eye shadow. If you do make an error, attempt to dab the actual mascara with a tissue just before it dries.

For your cheek, choose a blush or even bronzer to intensify your own cheekbones. Use a powdered brush to apply an easy dusting associated with brush or even bronzer towards the hollows of your cheeks. For mixing the color, you can use your fingers.

The last thing you can do to complete your cover girl makeup is lipstick along with or without top liner. The use of best liner is a few individual preferences however lipstick is really a must-have to accomplish a beautiful face. While you don’t usually wear additional make-up, don’t skip it. Lip stick cheers the smile in addition to draws attention to orally when you speak.

Some samples of makeup for your face are:

1.       NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil Shadow Liner

This pencil eye shadow liner is what you need to have perfect eye shades. Use it carefully and apply it on the upper and lower lash line and blend it. If you want to have extra fabulous look, you can try to use it when you want to look more gorgeous.

2.       Innoxa French Blue Eye Drops Gouttes Bleues 10ml

If you are looking sparkling eye, you can apply this cosmetic. It is rich in natural plant that provides soothing and stimulating effect. Moreover, you can use it to enhance color eyes to a vibrant color.

3.       Shany Deluxe Makeup Kit, 40 Count

It is all-in-one makeup set that include 40 cosmetic that you need daily, such as lip gloss, blushes, eyeshadow, brushes, and mirror. It is such a travelling size set that you can put in a purse. Just bring it and you will look beautiful every day.

How to apply fake eyelashes


Applying fake eyelashes might seem difficult to do at first, but if you follow a few easy rules it is extremely easy. In order to apply fake eyelashes you will need 1 pack of fake eye lashes, eyelash, scissors, and glue. You also might want to apply eye-liner before you apply your false eyelashes. First, open the package of eyelashes.

Slowly remove them by using your finger to pull them away from the package, target on the middle. If you tug on the edges it will replace the shape of the lashes and make it difficult to apply. Once you have them out, slowly place them on your eye to ensure they fit. Cut off any excess with scissors. Then use a thin line of eyelash glue to the fake eye-lashes. Let them dry a pretty until the glue becomes sticky, and place on your eyelashes.

You will have a pretty time to adjust them. Ensure they are as close to your real lash line as possible. Now that they are one, use mascara to help mold your eyelashes with the fake ones. You may also want to curl your lashes. Also, fix your eye-liner for the reason that the glue sometimes messes with it. You are done. Removing fake eyelashes is even simpler.

Once you have planned to take them off, all you need is olive oil or makeup remover. I have also heard the water and soap does the trick, but I am not sure. However, take a makeup pad and put a little of olive oil or makeup remover on it. Press the pad against your eye for a few moments to support loosen up the glue. Keep performing this until the fake eyelashes feel like they will come off simply. All you have to perform is peel them off. You can clean them and keep them for reuse as long as you are alert with them.

How to remove glue from your eyelashes

You can remove from your false and natural eyelashes using your normal eye makeup remover, or an oil such as coconut oil, olive oil, or baby oil. Soak it into a fiber pad and swipe it from corner to corner your lash line. Permit it to sit for a minute to work its magic, then quietly peel the fake eyelashes off from the outer corner. Remove any glue that is still on your eyelids.

Apply false eyelashes does not have to be so hard. Take a few minutes to use these tricks and tips and you will on your way to remarkable looking eyelashes.

What age should girls be allowed to wear makeup?


Why do women wear makeup? The key reasons are to look older/younger, to look amazing, presentable, charming or pretty, to cover scars, blemishes and birth marks, and to make a continue skin tone. With these reasons defined, do you think it justifiable for a mother to make her four year old child up with cosmetics?

Access what type of makeup is right to wear, taking into account the circumstances and age. What is okay for a party at your friends home might not be perfect for school – just use your common sense.

Age seven and under: stick to pretend makeup kits, just for play.

Age 7-11: mascara and lip gloss only (one layer, preferably brown).

Ages 12-14: that is moment when acne strikes truly badly. Concealer and a base might be a life saver. As for eye makeup, go for natural shades only and go easy on the eyeliner.

Ages 15-18: You can wear anything you love, but continue to reject bold colors. You will look excellent when makeup improves your best looks instead of overpowering them.

I do think four is much too young. I also think age ten is too young. In my point of view, thirteen is the best and most right age to begin experimenting with makeup, but to an extremely limited extend. Why, here are some of my reasons:

All girls should be relax in their own skin before making it up and covering it over. If girls get into the routine of wearing makeup every time they leave the home, they will never feel complete without it.

A child has no business trying to look amazing or pretty. Her physical self, as far as charming, should not be an issue. Her focus should be on internal and behavior beauty, such as being good.

Girls should not wear make up to make themselves look beautiful. Sure, it can define or highlight specs, cover flaws and soften the skin, but if you believe you are pretty without it, then that is an issue.

I trust wearing makeup should be a fun thing to look forward to when a ladies gets older. If girls are wearing high heels and makeup when they are four, what do they have to look forward to?

Young skin is extremely sensitive, mainly a child’s competition, and make up is not fit. It clogs the pores.

You should not use make up to cover your face. If you look fully different once your make up is removed, then you are putting on too much. Makeup should not cover your face, it should highlight it.


Eyeshadow – Origin, Use, Application and Removal


Ten thousand years back, men and women in Egypt, where the seat of ancient civilization took place had already been using cosmetics to clean, soften or mask the body from odor. The skin body and hair were being dyed and painted. Lips and cheeks were rouged , nails painted and eyes and eyebrows were lined using a small stick with kohl – a dark colored powder made from crushed antimony, burnt almonds, lead, oxidized copper, ochre, ash, malachite and chrysocolla. Regardless of age or gender people wore makeup then with a silver or copper mirrors to aid in the eyemakeup application. Even in the Old Testament times, it was recorded that eyeshadow was used in Egyptian burials. During the 7th and 8th centuries BC, export and sales of eyeshadow and other cosmetic items formed an important part of the Mediterranean trade and just like the Egyptians, the Romans painted their faces with kohl to protect them from the “evil eyes.”

Eyeshadow is an eyemakeup applied on the eyelids and under the eyebrows to emphasize the eyes and make them more attractive. Women use it to add depth and dimension to their eyes and because of its feminizing and tantalizing effect. Made from powder and mica, it comes in a variety of colors and textures and are manufactured either in liquid, pencil or mousse form. Generally black or other dark- colored eyeshadows are popular among both genders.

People generally use it to improve the appearance. Actors in plays or theatres use it a lot to enhance eye and facial features. If applied properly it usually brings glamour, enhances one’s natural beauty, and commands an attention getting effect. The eye being the window of the soul, can be further beautified with the application of proper eyeshadow mixes.


Depending on the formulation and the desired look, it can be applied in so many ways like using sponges, fingers or brushes. The main secret in arriving at that stunning look you deserve is by blending the colors well and same as with painting, a primer is applied to prevent it from fading or migrating to the crease.


Many eye shadow sets come with three colors, the lightest being the highlighter while the darkest is used in the crease. Those light naturally looking eyeshadows range from glossy shine to pinkish tone or silver look. The secret in applying eyeshadow is to start light and then go darker , brushing the base(the lightest color) color to the entire eye up to the brow bone. Then apply the medium color and the darkest one. Don’t be heavy handed though to refrain from making mistakes. Finish with eyeliner and mascara if desired.


Use a commercial eyemakeup remover to remove the eyeshadow. A face wash with water and soap can generally remove the traces of color. You may also use baby oil if you like or other makeup wipes.

And lastly, don’t be afraid of experimenting with colors for you will never know what combination will suit you unless you try.

How to apply eyeshadow

Today we are going to learn quite a few things about how to apply eyeshadow that is not crooked , isn’t too dark or blotchily blended, and doesn’t extend to the wrong upper reaches of the eyelids. Here are some tips for you to remember. Blending of the colors is the right key. Imagine looking at a rainbow. What would you do to make them merge into each other like that of a rainbow? In blending you use three different colors, the base is usually the very light taupe. The secret to blending technique is to start light, applying the base color to the entire eye up to the brow bone, then apply the medium color and the darkest color. Practice until you master the art of mixing them but remember not to be heavy- handed to avoid mistakes. Unless you are doing a pose for a magazine, don’t apply color to your browbone.

You would look very dramatic of having too much eyeshadows. You may apply shadow on the bone but make sure it’s a neutral color

Have a great base before applying eyeshadow. If you want your makeup to stay for hours, use a good primer or base . It can even stay all day long if you use the best primer out there in the market

A white eyeshadow will make the eyes brighter.

This will also have an eye opening effect to your eye and works so great. Your eyes will look brighter as you put a dot of white shadow or pencil on the eye near the tear duct.

Just keep that smokey look to the lid.

A rule of thumb if you want to make smokey eyes, don’t extend color above the crease, keeping the colors to the lid and under the lower lashline. Choose eyeshadows that will emphasize your eyes or make it stand out. Blue colors was dreaded by beauty experts before, but not now. Contrasting colors make your eyes pop. Example of which is the blue shadow on brown eyes or gold shadow with blue eyes.

Be careful with the use of a highlighter for it can make or break your look.

Remember to blend only on the outside edge when applying dark shadows to the crease of your eyes.

A shimmering look is ok but it emphasizes wrinkles.

It helps to make eyes pop, but at the same time emphasizing heavy lids, lines and wrinkles.

Pair eyeshadow with red lips.

Keep eyeshadow light if you are going for a red lips. Don’t be afraid to experiment for strong colors. Don’t you know that taupe and lavender look great on all eye colors? Experiment on how to arrive at a proper combination that will suit you. If you think that the color is too bold for you, mix shades.

Just like any other form of art, eyeshadow application has some rules to follow. With constant practice, reading informative articles such as this one or watching video tutorials, you can learn a variety of techniques in the eyemakeup application. Good luck to any of your beautification endeavors. Stay and feel beautiful always from inside out.

BB Creams


BB creams have become a very popular product ever since they were introduced in India . The concept of ” Make-up and skin care in one ” has become an instant rage ever since . Almost every drugstore brand that you can avail have come up with their own versions of the BB cream like Garnier , Ponds and Maybelline . The latest addition to the list is of Fair and lovely (The Market Leader of Fairness Creams in India ) . So Today I am sharing my views on the BB cream from fair and lovely and how it fared for me….

Price and Quantity : Rs. 79 for 18 gms and Rs.49 for 9 gms

Packaging : The BB cream comes in a light weight plastic tube . It has a glossy finish with white and rose gold color (in the form of gradient) . The Outer box and the tube both have same color combination . The tube is rather flat and the nozzle is quite long. The screw off cap shuts well and overall the packaging is good enough for carrying the cream in your bag. The packaging looks really nice , sleek , quite attractive and is functional overall .

My Views on the Fair and Lovely BB Cream :

I prefer BB creams for daily use more so when I need a hint of makeup . On other days even a Tinted sunscreen is enough for me. I particularly got this BB cream after reading reviews that the cream is suitable for oily skin . Also because I was bored of my previous BB cream .

The Fair and Lovely BB cream is available in just one shade that will suit the fairest of girls . The shade selection is hence a big drawback . Now coming to the texture of the cream- it is like the usual fair and lovely cream . Basically the texture is creamy , slightly thick and not runny . The smell is quite strong and I did not find it very pleasing – is even smells like the fair and lovely cream.

On application the BB cream gives a matte finish and it is oil free . But if you massage it to blend well, you can see tiny globules start forming ( like the dust that forms when you rub an eraser) . I don’t think any decent cream is supposed to do that and I did not rub it in vigorously . This happens every time I apply it . The cream lasts at most one and a half hour after which you cannot find any trace that you had applied anything- my face looks oilier and there is no hint of the bb cream left . I am moderately fair but if I overdo this cream even a bit, it makes me look like ghost or rather a zombie . In a way you do get a fairer tone but who wants to look paper white ?

” Overall, I think fair and lovely did campaign well for this BB cream but it failed to live up to the expectations . It is nothing extraordinary and is just another tinted cream . But for the price, you cannot expect much either . I am not going to buy this again and do not recommend it . “

All About Mascara


What will happen if after applying the eyeshadow and eyeliner you’ve forgotten to add that finishing touch? Part of your eyemakeup is the mascara. It’s one of the magic formula to making the eyes beautiful because it thickens the lashes, darkens and adds length to them which makes your eyes so alluring. After applying the eyeliner, separate the lashes using a thin comb then apply at least two thin even coats of mascara.

If you have short lashes, there are length enhancing mascaras. If you have long lashes already, use a curling mascara instead. If you have thin lashes, it will be enhanced with mascaras because of the polymers and wax that serve as thickening ingredients in its formulation. A blond lashes will be enhanced with the use of the volume gaining and the lengthening mascara. A mascara wand which is made up of short bristles is the tool employed in applying this makeup.

There are a variety of mascaras that you can choose from; the water based, waterproof and the mixed variety. People prefer using the mixed variety because it’s more versatile. Although water soluble mascaras are easy to apply and easy to remove, it will run and smudge if you come in contact with water. Usually mascaras that you buy from the drugstores are cheaper and even better. In India, Indian women prefer kohl and fruit vegetable packs over chemical mascara because they bring no allergic reaction. An Indian national , Shahnaz Husain has produced liquid eyemakeup packs containing gooseberry, almond oil, neem and trifala which aids in eyelashes growth.

The good thing with using the waterproof mascara is it does not smudge because it does not react with water, however it may be very hard to remove. In removing the eyemakeup don’t pull or wipe around the eye area so much because it tends to cause the skin to sag. Don’t assume that because its waterproof, it won’t smear. So do exercise caution when you have a mascara. Brown and black are the favorite colors , but you may choose from brown gray, gray to blue and other colors. An hypoallergernic mascara is made available for those who have allergies. The best indication if the mascara is suited for you is to test it first. Change it immediately if you feel itchy or develop rashes. To properly apply it, lift your chin a little for you to see your lashes well on the mirror. Dip the spiral brush in the bottle, swirl it , remove the excess fluid and apply first on the upper lashes, starting at the base towards the tip. Make that lashes curl in the upward direction. Do the same thing with lower lashes , moving the brush slightly so that the lashes don’t stick. Repeat to add volume . If you over applied it, don’t worry. Wait for it to dry and scoop it out with a sponge. Always curl the lashes before applying mascara and not after application.

Before going to bed, make sure to remove your makeup including the mascara with the use of tissue or cotton wads. Then wash the eyes with water. Don’t hesitate to get rid of old mascara.

Top 5 makeup foundations to prevent cakey makeup


What is “Cakey Makeup” and how can you avoid it?


Makeup refers to cosmetics applied to the face to enhance one’s natural beauty. Though not fully noticeable, a natural face is not perfectly symmetrical. One eye may be wider than the other and one cheekbone may be better pronounced. 

Makeup is any product that helps to dim or highlight the features of a face to make it appear more symmetrical, without affecting the natural functioning of parts of the face. Just like makeup routines, products used in makeup have also evolved over the years. In recent times, they come in either liquid, cream or powder (both pressed or loose) forms. 

Cakey Make-Up

Cakey make up is that unfortunate event that can happen regardless of what kind of foundation or makeup product we use. It is when the makeup on the face appear in such a way that it looks like a very thick mask of red or brown clay. 

Cakey make up is one embarrassing occurrence every makeup user and artist would always try to avoid. This is because makeup is supposed to be so well blended into the skin that it forms a perfectly natural finish that is appealing to the eyes. However, when it comes out looking cakey, it is not as much as a pleasant sight anymore.

There are several reasons why a routine would result in a cakey makeup. These reasons include:

  • Poor skincare routine: This may contribute to cakey makeup because your skin may feel dehydrated or have dead skin cells, which would make for a very rough surface after applying to make up.
  • Failing to moisturize: This can also be a reason why makeup eventually becomes cakey. You should wash and moisturize your face first before applying to make up. Wait for about 5 minutes before proceeding.
  • The Amount of Primer: The quantity of primer you apply on your face can also contribute to cakey makeup. Using a large amount of premier or not using premier at all would result in a blurred finish. You should ensure you avoid both extremes by using the accurate quantity of primer meant for your skin type.
  • Excess quantity of other makeup products: Using more quantity of makeup needed for a routine can also cause cakey makeup. You should ensure you use the right quantity for every product. Also, if your make up is not blended properly into the skin, it would result in cakey makeup. If you use your fingers and the results are not perfect, use a quality blending sponge.
  • Wrong application of makeup: This is another reason why the finished look can become cakey. Makeup should be applied using the right layering technique. For instance, applying foundation, powder, then concealer would result in a cakey makeup. Also, if you fail to give sufficient time between each application so the blending is done perfectly, it may result in a cakey makeup.
  • Excess Concealer: Another reason why your routine can result in a cakey makeup is if you apply excess concealer over your foundation. Concealer ought to be applied to problem areas or blemishes as a way of diminishing their appearance. If you use excess concealer all over the face, you would likely get a cakey makeup.
  • Neck Region: Failing to blend your make up perfectly at the neck region can also lead to a cakey makeup because the demarcation between the neck and the makeup applied on the face would be very glaring. 
  • Wrong MakeUp Formula: Using a wrong makeup formula can also cause cakey makeup. For instance, if you have oily skin, you should use a matte foundation. Using the wrong formula may cause oil from your skin to penetrate your make up, causing cakey makeup.

How To Fix Cakey Makeup:

Having cakey makeup is embarrassing and everyone would love to avoid it, especially if you are already a part of an event, meeting or show. The situation becomes worse if you are in a hurry. 

The best steps to avoid the possibility of cakey makeup include:

  • Moisturizing your face before makeup application
  • Prepping your face with the right quantity of primer
  • Using the right foundation formula
  • Using the right shade and quantity of makeup products
  • Using the right makeup brush for different applications
  • Blending perfectly into the skin and setting your face right.

However, if you still do have a cakey makeup after your routine, the following steps can help you fix the situation:

  • Blot Away Excess Oil:

Oily skin is one major factor that causes cakey makeup. It is advisable to always carry blotting sheets with you. Once you realize your make up is cakey, just gently blot the excess oil away from the face with the sheet. Avoid pressing down the sheet firmly into the skin as this can push the oils right back into the skin pores, blocking them and causing other skin problems. However, if you do not have blotting sheets, you can use toilet sheets or tissue paper.

  • Apply A Little Concealer:

Apply dots of concealer on the cakey spots on your face. It is advisable to use a full-coverage cream formula for a smoother look.  Remember not to apply too much concealer as excess quantity could have caused the cakey makeup in the first place.

  • Dab With Damp Blender:

Wet your make up sponge a little, then press it against the spot on your skin that you have applied concealer. Blend the concealer in using mild dabbing movements so it covers any spot with missing makeup. The wet sponge would make those spots softer while blending the concealer into the face to make for a seamless smooth finish.

  • Spritz With A Face Mists:

Misting your face is one of the most important parts of your make up routine, as it helps to set the makeup in place so it lasts longer. Once you are done blending, spritz your face with quality face mist so your fixed make up is set perfectly. This would also prevent you from having to fix that makeup again. Your face comes out looking all perfect.

Top 5 Makeup Foundations

True beauty comes from the inside. Essentially, your dressing is important, the way you carry yourself through the sea of friends and co-workers. However, what makes the deepest and long lasting impression is the face they tag to your personality.

What will people think of you? Would you strike them as beautiful? It all begins with the right makeup foundations.

What are the Top 5 Makeup Foundations?

We have put down a list of the top 5 foundations in the market. The selections are based on actual reviews and customer ratings. Are you tired of coming off as plain Jane? You might as well find the best for you.

Here are the top 5 makeup foundations that have hit the market hard this year:

  1. Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup

This liquid makeup can make your looks so different. Thousands of users from around the world have testified to its unique and amazingly qualities.

Some of its features include:

  • A silky, lightweight formula which provides its users a perfectly natural look.
  • An exclusive antioxidant blend that so visibly improves the tone, luminosity, and texture of the skin.

Some of its formulas include:

  • Vitamin E
  • Natural Soy
  • Feverfew

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup Foundation, Broad Spectrum Spf 20, 30 Buff, 1 Oz.

  1. FENTY BEAUTY Pro Filt’r Longwear Foundation

This foundation line is one of the best in the souk and it’s tested by glamour queen “Rihanna”. She strongly believes in creating options for women of all skin tone and this magnificent foundation came into being because of that. It has continued to dominate the market since then, and it remains one of the top five in the market.

Some of its key benefits include:

  • Concealing imperfections
  • It doesn’t crease
  • It controls oil
  • It’s creamy
  • 100% sweat proof
  • It lasts a really long time and the scent is amazing

FENTY BEAUTY Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation -150

  1. Maybelline New York Super Stay Full Coverage

Maybelline New York Super Stay Full Coverage particularly holds a reputation for lasting for over 24 hours. It still retains its place and remains one of the best as a result of several key features. These features include:

  • Its unfading and long-lasting qualities
  • Its lightweight, yet high-impact coverage formula that transforms the skin 100% and dips it in a fresh vibrant glow.
  • It is oil free and doesn’t clog the pores.
  • It has been tested and approved by the best of dermatologists.

Maybelline New York Super Stay Full Coverage Powder Foundation Makeup

  1. Covergirl Trublend Matte Made Liquid Foundation

Covergirl also appeals deeply for its strong yet flexible touch on the skin which guarantees the maximum range of comfort and durability.

Here are some of its most important benefits:

  • It minimizes pores and controls oil levels
  • 12 hour of guaranteed comfort
  • it is available in about 40 different shades

COVERGIRL TruBlend Liquid Foundation Makeup Medium Light M2, 1 oz (packaging may vary)

  1. Revlon PhotoReady Candid Natural Finish Foundation

Completing the list and it is none other than Revlon PhotoReady Candid Natural Finish Foundation. This foundation guarantees a flawless natural finish on your skin. It moisturizes and protects it from dryness and roughness.

Here are some of its key benefits:

  • It is skin-enhancing foundation that could keep you hydrated all-day-long and make your skin more natural.
  • It is extremely light and weightless.
  • It possesses antioxidant as well as anti-pollution ingredients and keep you away from all skin damages.
  • You can find 31-Makeup shades in it.

Revlon PhotoReady Candid Natural Finish Foundation, with Anti-Pollution, Antioxidant, Anti-Blue Light Ingredients, without Parabens, Pthalates and Fragrances; Creme Brulee.75 Fluid Oz

Going with anyone of these makeup foundations will guarantee you the smoothest skin you can ever hope for.

Tips to prevent cakey makeup


How to Prevent Cakey Makeup

When makeup is done right, it can have you looking like a glamour-queen. On the other hand, cakey makeup can make a great dent on the fashion you’re trying to make. We want you to be out there looks pretty, that’s why we are going to give you all the tips you need to prevent cakey makeup.

Tips and advice on how to fix and stop cakey makeup

Here’s everything you need to know about preventing cakey makeup:

  • Cleanse your face: Cleansing your face from time to time is one of the best ways to getting a smooth skin. And, a smooth skin is the foundation for every great makeup. Sometimes, dry skins can cause cakey makeup. Therefore, you should work towards keeping your face fresh at all times.
  • Use a good moisturizer: A good moisturizer helps keep your skin fresh beyond what natural cleansing can do. If you want your skin to retain its very smooth outlook, then you must find the perfect moisturizer for you.
  • Select the best foundation formula: Truth is, not every foundation will look great on your skin. Hence, you have to look for something that uniquely works for you and favors your skin type. For instance, going for an oily makeup when you have an oily skin will only make matters worse and lead to a cakey makeup. So don’t do it. Instead, take the time to select the best foundation formula that works for you.
  • Pick a shade that’s completely you: Continuing on the same path, you must shift your focus from your skin type to your skin tone. Try your best to pick the perfect shade of makeup for your skin. Cakey makeup can be occurred by choosing the wrong shades of makeup.

You can prevent this by putting a lot of detail into choosing a shade or consulting a professional makeup artist to help you. With the perfect foundation, you won’t be able to tell the difference between the shade and your skin. In short, they should become ‘one’.

  • Use the right makeup brush: Getting the right brush also goes a long way in preventing cakey makeup. Bad brushes will smear all over, but the best add striking strokes of glamour to your look.
  • Don’t overdo it: Adding too much makeup might just be all – it would take to give your makeup that cakey look. A mini trick here is, try your best to keep it minimal.

You’re already beautiful. The last thing you need is getting yourself a cakey makeup. So focus on only the important parts.

  • Let it blend: Sometimes, the only difference between a great or a cakey makeup is the blend. Shabby blends are bad. They leave your face with different shades and many people begin to wonder if it’s Halloween all over again.

Therefore, you need to try your best to achieve the perfect tone and the perfect spread when blending your makeup together.

Put all of these into practice and you will find yourself transforming from cakey makeup to the glamour-queen and everyone will look forward to see you.

Are you finding the best glow makeup kit on online?


If you want to have a glowing and healthy skin that shines naturally, you just come across immeasurable tips. In order to obtain the glow look, you need to apply an enlightening one. When the party or any events come up, you might not discover the time to rely on those times for taking tips. To make your skin glow, there is a useful glow makeup tutorial that will surely assist you to obtain that immediate glow within a matter of minutes.

How to get glowing skin makeup?

In order to get glowing skin makeup, below are the products and makeup tutorial explained in a step wise manner for fast understanding.

Needed products

  • Blush
  • Bronzer
  • Face primer
  • Concealer
  • Foundation
  • Illuminator or highlighter
  • Face mist, a finishing mist or a primer stay

Tutorial guide

Prepare your face with a primer

According to your skin type, you can apply the right moisturizer. If your skin is even too oily, it is good to apply the moisturizer that it supports in blending as well as application of a base makeup product. After applying a moisturizer, you just wait for better around five to seven minutes and also even apply a face primer. Let this primer to sit on your face around 2 to 3 minutes, before you begin with the glow makeup exactly.

Hydrate your skin with a finishing spray

Now, you spray your face mist to all over your face and hold the bottle for minimum 10 cms away from your face and then mildly spray for two to three times. This will definitely hydrate your skin and also proves it a very healthy appearance. For this step, you can either use a finishing mist or a makeup setting spray.

Apply foundation and highlighter to add glow

Take a better coverage liquid foundation into your palm and then take equal or one third quantity of face highlighter along with it. For achieving the glowing and most beautiful skin, this highlighter has to be creamy or liquid. Also, it is good to avoid the powder highlighters for a wet skin makeup look. You can combine both products by using a flat foundation brush and then apply it all over face.

Spot on concealer

You can apply a light concealer to beneath the eye area that offers a powerful highlighted appearance to your face. Make sure to apply a concealer in the triangular form and gently blend it over with your fingers or a flat foundation brush.

Highlight again to set your glow

At last, you just take the highlighter again and then apply it through the greatest points of cheeks to make a powerful impression of glowing skin. Here, you can also even use the branded multipurpose highlighters for having a smarted look. Hence, you just follow it up with the brown blush or natural pink on your cheeks and then finish the glow makeup appearance more elegantly.

Overall, you have done everything now. You will specifically give your skin this glowing as well as stunning skin makeup!

What made covergirl trublend fame enough?


Womens are always loves to expose them in a good-looking manner and it is rare to find the person who does not use makeup kit. Although every person do makeup and they do not follow the same method or procedure each one would have different sorts of procedures to express their beauty. Likewise, people can find an enormous amount of beauty products, cosmetics and many accessories too. But in recent trend most of the people tend to use covergirl trublend products for makeup it is mainly because of excellent finish result, easy maintenance and awesome look. When it comes to covergirl trublend people can find there are several collections that includes matte liquid, foundation, pressed powder, contour palettes, hyper glow mono stunning highlighter and many more. Thus all these covergirl trublend collections are best suitable for daily light makeup and for people those love mild makeup.

Why covergirl trublend collections are best?

In general people would search for makeup products that suits their skin type if not that may lead to several other skin issues. In this case dry skin type would often struggle to get perfect makeup set were the cover trublend makeup collections are best suited for dry skin type. It is mainly because most of the cosmetics and face makeup products are made as silicon basis that makes the formula thick. When the liquid is thick formulated then it results with uneven skin tone that may look odd in final especially for dry skin. As the covergirl trublend collections are made as water based one it forms a thin liquid that remains less weight mask on the face and deliver perfect finish. Moreover while using water based products such as covergirl trublend the chance for clogging pores are less when compared to other silicone based products.

How to use covergirl trublend?

Every product would give better results only when they are used in perfect manner similarly although the covergirl trublend collections are good it would result better only when it is used in a better way. In real facts people do not aware of how to use covergirl trublend in proper way to make clear here are steps listed below.

  • First you need to apply covergirl trublend highlighter on face outer areas and beneath nose areas and brush it up to blend them.
  • Once the highlighter is nicely blend, suck in the cheeks and apply contour on the face including highlighter applied areas too.
  • While applying covergirl trublend contour you need to apply them in upward direction starting from mouth to cheeks.
  • Once the contour is applied then blend them using brush or sponge to make them smooth enough.
  • As a final step you need to apply bronze on the face and smoothen them with sponges or brush.

Based on the above steps you can get perfect result of smooth makeup using covergirl trublend products and perfectly matches to dry skin type people. While following all above steps people should ensure that face is clean and products are cleaned if not it may lead to allergic issues for sensitive skin.

What is foundation makeup for your skin?


When it comes to buy the best makeup foundation, then most of the women have huge number of choices in the market. The best way to start selection one is to go for those products that are clearly used for the specific purpose of skins such as like foundations that are specifically marketed for normal, oily or dry skin. This is very important one because if you choose a face makeup foundation that is optimized especially for your skin where it will magnify your flaws and imperfection instead of hiding them. Next thing which you need to consider is what is foundation makeup you are looking for, so based on that you can choose the best makeup foundation for your use.

  • Tinted Moisturizer – This type of the face foundation provides the lightest coverage comparing to all other foundations found in the market. The tinted moisturizer foundations are basically a light weighted moisturizer that has the hint of color so when your skin is normal or dry then you need to hydrate your skin so this foundation cream is found to be best one to buy.
  • Powder foundation – This foundation is suitable one for the oily skin where this will absorb the excess oil present in your skin that is bane for such skins all throughout the day. These foundation creams are suitable and best one for the sensitive skin as most often they are free from fragrance, oil, preservatives, dyes and they are made of natural minerals.

Most of the people does not exact know what is foundation makeup where this is very important to know when you are using the foundation makeup for your skin only then you will be able to find out the right foundation makeup product for your skin type.

How to choose the right foundation makeup for your skin color

The foundation comes in various forms and most recently as the natural mineral powder and the makeup foundation comes in various shades of skin color that poses the question for most of the women. Which color will be suitable one for your skin color? After all they don’t want to look pasty white or they don’t want to look falsely tanned, so they try to use the right foundation makeup cream according to their skin tone for getting bright skin tone.

There are several shades of the face makeup foundation are available starting with light then to medium, medium warm, medium dark, cappuccino, spiced honey, espresso and dark. Different manufacturers and brands are available in the market where you can find the best foundation makeup cream for your skin type only then you can experience the best results. It is recommended to start with the light weight makeup foundation and by this you can get to know whether the makeup foundation that you are using is best and suitable for your skin type or not. If it is not good then you can change the brand and makeup foundation at beginning stage itself.

Be aware of how to put on foundation


Many womens have a desire to achieve the flawless skin and concentrate on everything associated with their foundation. This is because they understand and ensure that foundation is the first step to improve their appearance. It is the suitable time to decide on how to choose the right foundation formula and apply the best suitable shade which matches your skin in the perfect way. If you properly use the first-class tools and techniques, then you can successfully fulfil your wishes about the foundation. You will be satisfied with the best guidelines about how to put on foundation and make positive changes in your approach to enhance your appearance.

Step-by-step guidelines to put on foundation

The first step to put on foundation on your face is to clean your face at first. You have to remove your makeup and wash your face before going to bed every night. You can clean your face in the morning so as to wash leftover makeup, grime and oil from your skin. You have to soak a cotton pad in cleansing water and swab your skin. This simple approach assists you to make certain that you begin your foundation routine with oil-free and clean state.

A correct preparation of the skin is the second step to put on foundation in the professional manner. You have to prepare your skin and hydrate it with an appropriate moisturizer. This is worthwhile to massage a thin layer of the moisturizer throughout the face and let the cream sink at least 5 minutes before applying the foundation. You have to spend enough time to decide on and use one of the best moisturizer recommended by experts in the beauty sector. You will get the most expected assistance and make essential changes in your way to prepare your skin for foundation.

Follow suggestions from foundation experts

Easy-to-follow recommendations associated with how to put on foundation encourage many women worldwide to follow such recommendations. It is the appropriate time to buy medium-coverage and creamy foundation which matches your skin shade and type. You have to add 2 pumps to your palm and make use of an ideal foundation brush to dab the foundation onto the skin. This is advisable to start applying the foundation from the face’s center and blending it outward. There is no need to worry about no perfection in this stage. This is because the next step involves how to enhance the foundation application onto your skin.

Now, grab the damp makeup sponge and gently dab the side of the sponge over the face. This simple process assists you to melt the foundation into the skin. The next step is to use the sponge’s pointed tip to blend out the foundation around eyes and nose. Once you have done it, you can tap on a concealer with your ring finger and let the concealer sets for 5 minutes. This process assists you to enhance the look. This simple approach about how to put on foundation gives you the desired result and encourages you to suggest this approach to your beloved kith and kin.

Best ways to fix cakey makeup


Once you have completed your seamless makeup look, then you come to realize that your makeup appears cakey. When you wear face makeup, cakiness is a very actual matter that can happen. If you notice that your face powder or foundation appears cakey, there are several possible ways available to fix it. You just come to learn how to fix this cakey makeup and also how to avoid it in major place.

Take your sufficient time

If your foundation often looks cakey, the issue may actually be linked to your regular skin care. After you are applying the moisturizer, it is much essential that you do not even skip directly to smooth on foundation. Instead of, you will need to provide the face creams and lotions a minute or two to let them dry, before going ahead.

Choose the best foundation

Even some of the foundations will give you even skin tone. So, it is the time to switch to a light weight choice. You just try to wear a fresh foundation that has a long wearing so far ultra-thin formula.

Pick up the right tools

Of course, the way you apply your makeup matters a lot. Instead of using your fingers, it is highly recommended to use the specially designated makeup blender or foundation brush. For a smooth and a soft finish, you just attempt to apply your foundation with the proper blend artist foundation blender.

Use a waterproof concealer

The concealer can also appear like very cakey as well. Normally, the makeup begins to appear cakey and then your concealer and foundation begins to settle into the lines and also shift around. For this specific reason, you can use the best waterproof concealer that assures you to stay in that place are a must. You should also use the full wear concealer and it does not beneath your eyes for using sufficient to cover up any noticeable dark circles.

Use a light hand

The top most reason for cakiness is simply layering on many products. Seriously, applying additional more foundation is not a trick to phony a flawless complexion. When you are applying a face makeup, you should always remember to use a light hand.

Spritz with a face hazes

The face hazes are one of the most pleasurable portions of any beauty regimen. Actually, hazes your face always feels excellent and also they are completely useful. However, it only takes around a matter of seconds to spritz your face and also fix any form of cakey makeup. You can simply keep a bottle of glow hazes on your desk or in your bag and then spray your face anytime to make your makeup appears cakey.

Blemish away excess oil

The cakiness is frequently accompanied by the oily skin. It is always a very great idea to keep the bottling sheets on your hand. When you see cakey makeup on your face or your skin looks very shiny, you can mildly blemish with a sheet.


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