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Eyeshadow – Origin, Use, Application and Removal


Ten thousand years back, men and women in Egypt, where the seat of ancient civilization took place had already been using cosmetics to clean, soften or mask the body from odor. The skin body and hair were being dyed and painted. Lips and cheeks were rouged , nails painted and eyes and eyebrows were lined using a small stick with kohl – a dark colored powder made from crushed antimony, burnt almonds, lead, oxidized copper, ochre, ash, malachite and chrysocolla. Regardless of age or gender people wore makeup then with a silver or copper mirrors to aid in the eyemakeup application. Even in the Old Testament times, it was recorded that eyeshadow was used in Egyptian burials. During the 7th and 8th centuries BC, export and sales of eyeshadow and other cosmetic items formed an important part of the Mediterranean trade and just like the Egyptians, the Romans painted their faces with kohl to protect them from the “evil eyes.”

Eyeshadow is an eyemakeup applied on the eyelids and under the eyebrows to emphasize the eyes and make them more attractive. Women use it to add depth and dimension to their eyes and because of its feminizing and tantalizing effect. Made from powder and mica, it comes in a variety of colors and textures and are manufactured either in liquid, pencil or mousse form. Generally black or other dark- colored eyeshadows are popular among both genders.

People generally use it to improve the appearance. Actors in plays or theatres use it a lot to enhance eye and facial features. If applied properly it usually brings glamour, enhances one’s natural beauty, and commands an attention getting effect. The eye being the window of the soul, can be further beautified with the application of proper eyeshadow mixes.


Depending on the formulation and the desired look, it can be applied in so many ways like using sponges, fingers or brushes. The main secret in arriving at that stunning look you deserve is by blending the colors well and same as with painting, a primer is applied to prevent it from fading or migrating to the crease.


Many eye shadow sets come with three colors, the lightest being the highlighter while the darkest is used in the crease. Those light naturally looking eyeshadows range from glossy shine to pinkish tone or silver look. The secret in applying eyeshadow is to start light and then go darker , brushing the base(the lightest color) color to the entire eye up to the brow bone. Then apply the medium color and the darkest one. Don’t be heavy handed though to refrain from making mistakes. Finish with eyeliner and mascara if desired.


Use a commercial eyemakeup remover to remove the eyeshadow. A face wash with water and soap can generally remove the traces of color. You may also use baby oil if you like or other makeup wipes.

And lastly, don’t be afraid of experimenting with colors for you will never know what combination will suit you unless you try.

How to apply eyeshadow

Today we are going to learn quite a few things about how to apply eyeshadow that is not crooked , isn’t too dark or blotchily blended, and doesn’t extend to the wrong upper reaches of the eyelids. Here are some tips for you to remember. Blending of the colors is the right key. Imagine looking at a rainbow. What would you do to make them merge into each other like that of a rainbow? In blending you use three different colors, the base is usually the very light taupe. The secret to blending technique is to start light, applying the base color to the entire eye up to the brow bone, then apply the medium color and the darkest color. Practice until you master the art of mixing them but remember not to be heavy- handed to avoid mistakes. Unless you are doing a pose for a magazine, don’t apply color to your browbone.

You would look very dramatic of having too much eyeshadows. You may apply shadow on the bone but make sure it’s a neutral color

Have a great base before applying eyeshadow. If you want your makeup to stay for hours, use a good primer or base . It can even stay all day long if you use the best primer out there in the market

A white eyeshadow will make the eyes brighter.

This will also have an eye opening effect to your eye and works so great. Your eyes will look brighter as you put a dot of white shadow or pencil on the eye near the tear duct.

Just keep that smokey look to the lid.

A rule of thumb if you want to make smokey eyes, don’t extend color above the crease, keeping the colors to the lid and under the lower lashline. Choose eyeshadows that will emphasize your eyes or make it stand out. Blue colors was dreaded by beauty experts before, but not now. Contrasting colors make your eyes pop. Example of which is the blue shadow on brown eyes or gold shadow with blue eyes.

Be careful with the use of a highlighter for it can make or break your look.

Remember to blend only on the outside edge when applying dark shadows to the crease of your eyes.

A shimmering look is ok but it emphasizes wrinkles.

It helps to make eyes pop, but at the same time emphasizing heavy lids, lines and wrinkles.

Pair eyeshadow with red lips.

Keep eyeshadow light if you are going for a red lips. Don’t be afraid to experiment for strong colors. Don’t you know that taupe and lavender look great on all eye colors? Experiment on how to arrive at a proper combination that will suit you. If you think that the color is too bold for you, mix shades.

Just like any other form of art, eyeshadow application has some rules to follow. With constant practice, reading informative articles such as this one or watching video tutorials, you can learn a variety of techniques in the eyemakeup application. Good luck to any of your beautification endeavors. Stay and feel beautiful always from inside out.


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