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Is makeup essential


Wearing makeup has been an essential part of life from the very old times to the current times. But it is a fact that the styles and the trends have been replaced fully and more and more trends and variations are being added up almost every day.

Talking about the current time, we observe that wearing makeup has become an essential part of almost every women of society, whether they are aged women or young girls, most of them cannot think of any event or gathering without makeup. And when a group of ladies is asked why they wear makeup, we will get different responses.

Makeup has been a part of daily life and is used to present yourself to the society in a more confident and manner capable way. So, it has become an essential element to daily routine.

Here are some points that would be capable to justify that why make up is vital.

Get natural look

One would think that how wearing a makeup can offer you a natural look? It is not necessary that you cannot get a natural look if you wear makeup. Although you want to get natural look you still need little bit of touch to get the fresh and natural look. Makeup can support you cover your dark spots, blemishes or even dark circles and help to get a natural look.

Protect your skin from sunlight

It is a fact that wearing makeup can save your skin from the bad UV radiations from the sun. and to save the skin from bad UV radiations, you need SPF formula. So for that you can use BB foundation or cream that comes with SPF formula to save the skin from bad radiators and also brightens your skins tone.

Improve self-confidence

Makeup covers all the flaws of your skin and helps to improve your self-esteem. All the dark spots, dark circles and blemishes on the face can be covered by wearing makeup and provides you face a more best shape. So, women who tend to complex about their spots or acne on the skin, feel extremely relax and confident by wearing makeup.

Supporting your career

According to the study of sociologists, ladies who tend to wear makeup impressed a chance twenty percent more than the women who did not. And according to the new study, women who love dress up and make up rightly can tend to get a higher salary. And we are all familiar with the cultures of different organizations that they favor the women more who are dress rightly and have makeup applied.


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