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Top 5 makeup foundations to prevent cakey makeup


What is “Cakey Makeup” and how can you avoid it?


Makeup refers to cosmetics applied to the face to enhance one’s natural beauty. Though not fully noticeable, a natural face is not perfectly symmetrical. One eye may be wider than the other and one cheekbone may be better pronounced. 

Makeup is any product that helps to dim or highlight the features of a face to make it appear more symmetrical, without affecting the natural functioning of parts of the face. Just like makeup routines, products used in makeup have also evolved over the years. In recent times, they come in either liquid, cream or powder (both pressed or loose) forms. 

Cakey Make-Up

Cakey make up is that unfortunate event that can happen regardless of what kind of foundation or makeup product we use. It is when the makeup on the face appear in such a way that it looks like a very thick mask of red or brown clay. 

Cakey make up is one embarrassing occurrence every makeup user and artist would always try to avoid. This is because makeup is supposed to be so well blended into the skin that it forms a perfectly natural finish that is appealing to the eyes. However, when it comes out looking cakey, it is not as much as a pleasant sight anymore.

There are several reasons why a routine would result in a cakey makeup. These reasons include:

  • Poor skincare routine: This may contribute to cakey makeup because your skin may feel dehydrated or have dead skin cells, which would make for a very rough surface after applying to make up.
  • Failing to moisturize: This can also be a reason why makeup eventually becomes cakey. You should wash and moisturize your face first before applying to make up. Wait for about 5 minutes before proceeding.
  • The Amount of Primer: The quantity of primer you apply on your face can also contribute to cakey makeup. Using a large amount of premier or not using premier at all would result in a blurred finish. You should ensure you avoid both extremes by using the accurate quantity of primer meant for your skin type.
  • Excess quantity of other makeup products: Using more quantity of makeup needed for a routine can also cause cakey makeup. You should ensure you use the right quantity for every product. Also, if your make up is not blended properly into the skin, it would result in cakey makeup. If you use your fingers and the results are not perfect, use a quality blending sponge.
  • Wrong application of makeup: This is another reason why the finished look can become cakey. Makeup should be applied using the right layering technique. For instance, applying foundation, powder, then concealer would result in a cakey makeup. Also, if you fail to give sufficient time between each application so the blending is done perfectly, it may result in a cakey makeup.
  • Excess Concealer: Another reason why your routine can result in a cakey makeup is if you apply excess concealer over your foundation. Concealer ought to be applied to problem areas or blemishes as a way of diminishing their appearance. If you use excess concealer all over the face, you would likely get a cakey makeup.
  • Neck Region: Failing to blend your make up perfectly at the neck region can also lead to a cakey makeup because the demarcation between the neck and the makeup applied on the face would be very glaring. 
  • Wrong MakeUp Formula: Using a wrong makeup formula can also cause cakey makeup. For instance, if you have oily skin, you should use a matte foundation. Using the wrong formula may cause oil from your skin to penetrate your make up, causing cakey makeup.

How To Fix Cakey Makeup:

Having cakey makeup is embarrassing and everyone would love to avoid it, especially if you are already a part of an event, meeting or show. The situation becomes worse if you are in a hurry. 

The best steps to avoid the possibility of cakey makeup include:

  • Moisturizing your face before makeup application
  • Prepping your face with the right quantity of primer
  • Using the right foundation formula
  • Using the right shade and quantity of makeup products
  • Using the right makeup brush for different applications
  • Blending perfectly into the skin and setting your face right.

However, if you still do have a cakey makeup after your routine, the following steps can help you fix the situation:

  • Blot Away Excess Oil:

Oily skin is one major factor that causes cakey makeup. It is advisable to always carry blotting sheets with you. Once you realize your make up is cakey, just gently blot the excess oil away from the face with the sheet. Avoid pressing down the sheet firmly into the skin as this can push the oils right back into the skin pores, blocking them and causing other skin problems. However, if you do not have blotting sheets, you can use toilet sheets or tissue paper.

  • Apply A Little Concealer:

Apply dots of concealer on the cakey spots on your face. It is advisable to use a full-coverage cream formula for a smoother look.  Remember not to apply too much concealer as excess quantity could have caused the cakey makeup in the first place.

  • Dab With Damp Blender:

Wet your make up sponge a little, then press it against the spot on your skin that you have applied concealer. Blend the concealer in using mild dabbing movements so it covers any spot with missing makeup. The wet sponge would make those spots softer while blending the concealer into the face to make for a seamless smooth finish.

  • Spritz With A Face Mists:

Misting your face is one of the most important parts of your make up routine, as it helps to set the makeup in place so it lasts longer. Once you are done blending, spritz your face with quality face mist so your fixed make up is set perfectly. This would also prevent you from having to fix that makeup again. Your face comes out looking all perfect.

Top 5 Makeup Foundations

True beauty comes from the inside. Essentially, your dressing is important, the way you carry yourself through the sea of friends and co-workers. However, what makes the deepest and long lasting impression is the face they tag to your personality.

What will people think of you? Would you strike them as beautiful? It all begins with the right makeup foundations.

What are the Top 5 Makeup Foundations?

We have put down a list of the top 5 foundations in the market. The selections are based on actual reviews and customer ratings. Are you tired of coming off as plain Jane? You might as well find the best for you.

Here are the top 5 makeup foundations that have hit the market hard this year:

  1. Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup

This liquid makeup can make your looks so different. Thousands of users from around the world have testified to its unique and amazingly qualities.

Some of its features include:

  • A silky, lightweight formula which provides its users a perfectly natural look.
  • An exclusive antioxidant blend that so visibly improves the tone, luminosity, and texture of the skin.

Some of its formulas include:

  • Vitamin E
  • Natural Soy
  • Feverfew

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup Foundation, Broad Spectrum Spf 20, 30 Buff, 1 Oz.

  1. FENTY BEAUTY Pro Filt’r Longwear Foundation

This foundation line is one of the best in the souk and it’s tested by glamour queen “Rihanna”. She strongly believes in creating options for women of all skin tone and this magnificent foundation came into being because of that. It has continued to dominate the market since then, and it remains one of the top five in the market.

Some of its key benefits include:

  • Concealing imperfections
  • It doesn’t crease
  • It controls oil
  • It’s creamy
  • 100% sweat proof
  • It lasts a really long time and the scent is amazing

FENTY BEAUTY Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation -150

  1. Maybelline New York Super Stay Full Coverage

Maybelline New York Super Stay Full Coverage particularly holds a reputation for lasting for over 24 hours. It still retains its place and remains one of the best as a result of several key features. These features include:

  • Its unfading and long-lasting qualities
  • Its lightweight, yet high-impact coverage formula that transforms the skin 100% and dips it in a fresh vibrant glow.
  • It is oil free and doesn’t clog the pores.
  • It has been tested and approved by the best of dermatologists.

Maybelline New York Super Stay Full Coverage Powder Foundation Makeup

  1. Covergirl Trublend Matte Made Liquid Foundation

Covergirl also appeals deeply for its strong yet flexible touch on the skin which guarantees the maximum range of comfort and durability.

Here are some of its most important benefits:

  • It minimizes pores and controls oil levels
  • 12 hour of guaranteed comfort
  • it is available in about 40 different shades

COVERGIRL TruBlend Liquid Foundation Makeup Medium Light M2, 1 oz (packaging may vary)

  1. Revlon PhotoReady Candid Natural Finish Foundation

Completing the list and it is none other than Revlon PhotoReady Candid Natural Finish Foundation. This foundation guarantees a flawless natural finish on your skin. It moisturizes and protects it from dryness and roughness.

Here are some of its key benefits:

  • It is skin-enhancing foundation that could keep you hydrated all-day-long and make your skin more natural.
  • It is extremely light and weightless.
  • It possesses antioxidant as well as anti-pollution ingredients and keep you away from all skin damages.
  • You can find 31-Makeup shades in it.

Revlon PhotoReady Candid Natural Finish Foundation, with Anti-Pollution, Antioxidant, Anti-Blue Light Ingredients, without Parabens, Pthalates and Fragrances; Creme Brulee.75 Fluid Oz

Going with anyone of these makeup foundations will guarantee you the smoothest skin you can ever hope for.



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