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What age should girls be allowed to wear makeup?


Why do women wear makeup? The key reasons are to look older/younger, to look amazing, presentable, charming or pretty, to cover scars, blemishes and birth marks, and to make a continue skin tone. With these reasons defined, do you think it justifiable for a mother to make her four year old child up with cosmetics?

Access what type of makeup is right to wear, taking into account the circumstances and age. What is okay for a party at your friends home might not be perfect for school – just use your common sense.

Age seven and under: stick to pretend makeup kits, just for play.

Age 7-11: mascara and lip gloss only (one layer, preferably brown).

Ages 12-14: that is moment when acne strikes truly badly. Concealer and a base might be a life saver. As for eye makeup, go for natural shades only and go easy on the eyeliner.

Ages 15-18: You can wear anything you love, but continue to reject bold colors. You will look excellent when makeup improves your best looks instead of overpowering them.

I do think four is much too young. I also think age ten is too young. In my point of view, thirteen is the best and most right age to begin experimenting with makeup, but to an extremely limited extend. Why, here are some of my reasons:

All girls should be relax in their own skin before making it up and covering it over. If girls get into the routine of wearing makeup every time they leave the home, they will never feel complete without it.

A child has no business trying to look amazing or pretty. Her physical self, as far as charming, should not be an issue. Her focus should be on internal and behavior beauty, such as being good.

Girls should not wear make up to make themselves look beautiful. Sure, it can define or highlight specs, cover flaws and soften the skin, but if you believe you are pretty without it, then that is an issue.

I trust wearing makeup should be a fun thing to look forward to when a ladies gets older. If girls are wearing high heels and makeup when they are four, what do they have to look forward to?

Young skin is extremely sensitive, mainly a child’s competition, and make up is not fit. It clogs the pores.

You should not use make up to cover your face. If you look fully different once your make up is removed, then you are putting on too much. Makeup should not cover your face, it should highlight it.



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